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Textbooks on Reserve: Summer 2018

This page is a listing of textbooks available on reserve from the Dwight Marvin Library. Textbooks are located at the first floor service desk on the main level of the Marvin Library. Books are borrowed for the day and cannot leave the building.

Reserve Lending Policies

The Dwight Marvin Library has a growing collection of course textbooks available in our textbooks on reserve collection. They are located at the first floor service desk on the main level of the library. Textbooks are due at closing and must stay with you in the library.

Overdue textbooks accrue a fine of $3 / day. After 10 days the the fine is the cost of the book in addition to the $30 late fee. Please return these materials promptly.

Thank you

The Dwight Marvin Library would like to thank Student Senate for allocating funds to purchase textbooks for reserve. Many of the textbooks on reserve are funded by Student Senate. Read the Hudsonian article from January 19, 2016, encouraging Student Senate to allocate increased funds to purchase textbooks for reserve.

Thank you to all instructors who place textbooks and media on reserve.

During the Fall 2017 semester textbooks were lent to HVCC students over 9,600 times!

Textbooks by Course Code


Accounting (ACTG) Textbooks on Reserve

ACTG 110

ACTG 111

ACTG 120

Anthropology (ANTH) Textbooks on Reserve

ANTH 100

Fine Arts (ARTS) Textbooks on Reserve

ARTS 100/101

ARTS 104

ARTS 107

ARTS 111

ARTS 129/133

ARTS 202

American Sign Language (ASLN) Textbooks on Reserve

ASLN 100

ASLN 101

Business Administration (BADM) Textbooks on Reserve

BADM 100

BADM 110/111

BADM 200

BADM 207

BADM 220

BADM 221

BADM 240

BADM 290

Biology (BIOL) Textbooks on Reserve

BIOL 104

BIOL 105

BIOL 109

BIOL 125

BIOL 136

BIOL 150

BIOL 205

BIOL 230/234

BIOL 270

BIOL 275

Chemical Dependency (CDEP) Textbooks on Reserve

CDEP 100

Chemistry (CHEM) Textbooks on Reserve

CHEM 100

CHEM 110/111

CHEM 200

CHEM 210/211

Computer Information Systems (CISS) Textbooks on Reserve

CISS 100

CISS 110/111

CISS 125

CISS 210

CISS 220

CISS 250

CISS 251

Civil Engineering (CIVL) Textbooks on Reserve

CIVL 101

CIVL 112

Computer Science (CMPT) Textbooks on Reserve

CMPT 101

CMPT 110

CMPT 111

CMPT 115

CMPT 120

CMPT 160

Criminal Justice (CRJS) Textbooks on Reserve

CRJS 101

CRJS 110

CRJS 150

CRJS 155

CRJS 190

CRJS 205

CRJS 210

CRJS 245

CRJS 250

CRJS 255

CRJS 260

CRJS 265

CRJS 280

Digital Arts (DART) Textbooks on Resrve

DART 110

DART 120

Early Childhood/ Teacher Preparation (ECCE) Textbooks on Reserve

ECCE 115

ECCE 123

ECCE 213

Economics (ECON) Textbooks on Reserve

ECON 101

Education (EDUC) Textbooks on Reserve

EDUC 110

EDUC 120

EDUC 225

Emergency Medical Technician (EMSP) Textbooks on Reserve


English (ENGL) Textbooks on Reserve

ENGL 101/102

ENGL 104

ENGL 110

ENGL 115

ENGL 120

ENGL 125

ENGL 136

ENGL 204

ENGL 210

ENGL 212

ENGL 220

Engineering (ENGR) Textobooks on Reserve

ENGR 110

English as Second Language (ESLS) Textbooks on Reserve

ESLS 101/102

French (FREN) Textbooks on Reserve

FREN 100

History (HIST) Textbooks on Reserve

HIST 100/101

HIST 110/111

HIST 131

HIST 135

HIST 137

HIST 140

HIST 205

Health Information Management and Technology (HITC) Textbooks on Reserve

HITC 100

HITC 110

Health (HLTH) Textbooks on Reserve

HLTH 140

HLTH 153

HLTH 160

HLTH 200

Human Services (HUSV) Textbooks on Reserve

HUSV 100

HUSV 105

HUSV 205

HUSV 210

HUSV 240

Individual Studies (INDS) Textbooks on Reserve

INDS 105

Italian (ITAL) Textbooks on Reserve

ITAL 100

Mathematics (MATH) Textbooks on Reserve

MATH 099/100

MATH 105

MATH 110

MATH 120

MATH 125

MATH 135

MATH 150

MATH 165

MATH 170

MATH 180/190

MATH 200

MATH 210

MATH 220

Manufacturing Technology (MFTS) Textbooks on Reserve

MFTS 100

MFTS 115

MFTS 241

Marketing (MKTG) Textbooks on Reserve

MKTG 120

MKTG 216

Music (MUSC) Textbooks on Reserve

MUSC 106

Public Administration (PADM) Textbooks on Reserve

PADM 100

Philosopy (PHIL) Textbooks on Reserve

PHIL 100

Physical Sciences (PHYS) Textbooks on Reserve

PHYS 101

PHYS 105

PHYS 110

PHYS 135/136

PHYS 140/141

PHYS 150/151

Political Science (POLS) Textbooks on Reserve

POLS 100

POLS 105

Psychology (PSYC) Textbooks on Reserve

PSYC 100

PSYC 200

PSYC 205

PSYC 210

PSYC 216

Russian (RUSN) Textbooks on Reserve

RUSN 100

Sociology (SOCL) Textbooks on Reserve

SOCL 100

SOCL 110

SOCL 120

Spanish (SPAN) Textbooks on Reserve

SPAN 100/101

Sport (SPRT) Textbooks on Reserve

SPRT 100/101/102

Theatre (THEA) Textbooks on Reserve

THEA 100

Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER are freely available, high-quality learning materials that can be downloaded, edited and shared to better serve all students.

Several of the textbooks linked on this page are open textbooks currently being used by HVCC faculty.

Learn more about open educational resources on the library's OER guide or contact Stephanie Clowe, library online media specialist.

open textbooks


  • This list was populated from the campus bookstore's records as of May 2018.
  • Please make purchasing decisions based on your instructor's syllabus.
  • Courses are subject to be canceled.
  • Not all textbooks are available from the reserve collection.

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