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Instructional Media Center: IMC

Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks on Reserve

Reserve textbooks are located on the lower level of the library in the Instructional Media Center (IMC). Textbooks are loaned for the day and must stay with the student in the library.

To place a textbook on reserve, faculty should bring a copy of the required text to the IMC and complete the Textbooks on Reserve Classroom Reserve/ Copyright Compliance form.

Overdue textbooks accrue a fine of $3 / day. After 10 days the the fine is the cost of the book in addition to the $30 late fee. Please return these materials promptly.


The Dwight Marvin Library and the Instructional Media Center have canceled the E-Reserve services effective August 31, 2017. To learn how to add library resources into your Blackboard course contact the online media specialist, Stephanie Clowe.

To access the IMC's licensed streaming video collection see the More Streaming Videos tab at the top of the page.


Individuals with disabilities who have accommodation needs or accessibility concerns should contact the Center for Access and Assistive Technology or Instructional Media Center staff. The Center for Access and Assistive Technology is located on the first floor of the Siek Campus Center, room 130, phone number (518) 629-7154, TDD (518) 629-7596.

The Instructional Media Center (IMC)

The IMC lends DVDs, videocassettes, textbooks on reserve and a variety of media equipment to students and faculty. The IMC has 8 group study rooms, 31 study carrels and 7 study carrels with TV/DVD players.

New Media

Academic Video Online: Premium is a video streaming database new to the Dwight Marvin Library and the IMC. This database has more than 60,000 videos across a wide range of subjects.

Academic Video Online Premium

Here are a few links to collections in Academic Video Online:

60 Minutes             

Counseling and Therapy              Criminal Justice and Public Safety

              Fashion Studies Online

Featured DVDs available from the IMC

Gandhi (1982)

DVD 1144

Crash (2004)

DVD 261

12 Years a Slave (2016)

DVD 1695

Depression Out of the Shadows (2008)

DVD 1728

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974)

DVD 329

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

DVD 1690

Hours and Contact Information

IMC Group Study Rooms

Available Media Equipment

Sony HDR-CX405

Sony DCR-SR220

Sony Tripods Model: VCT80AV

GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

GoPro HERO3 Accessories (dogs not included)

Headphones with Microphone

Special Note about GoPro Cameras

The GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition camera features both high-end video and still photography capabilities. Available accessories include special head strap/helmet mounts, chest mounts, goose-neck clamp mounts and three-way grip arm tripods, and more. Please note that technical support is not available from IMC staff.

Request New Media Resources

Know a title you would like the library to purchase or license? Contact the liaison librarian assigned to each academic department.

Timeline: Media should be requested one semester in advance of anticipated use to allow time for purchase and processing.